Super Bowl Stats 2024

Let’s Explore the Super Bowl Stats 2024.

Super Bowl Stats 2024
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Super Bowl 58 (LVIII) Stats – 2024

Category Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers
Final Score 31 28
Overtime Thriller Yes Yes
Passing Yards (QB) 325 272
Rushing Yards (RB) 130 110
First Downs 24 23
Sacks (Defense) 0.5 (Reid) 1 (Armstead)
Interceptions 1 (Ji’Ayir Brown)
Source: USA Today

The Super Bowl, an annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), stands as one of the most anticipated sporting events worldwide. Super Bowl 58, also known as Super Bowl LVIII, took center stage on February 11, 2024. Fans, athletes, and enthusiasts alike gathered to witness the clash between two formidable teams: the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the thrilling stats and memorable moments from Super Bowl 58. From standout player performances to team-level statistics, let’s explore the gridiron battle that captivated millions. So, grab your favorite jersey, settle into your armchair, and let’s relive the excitement of Super Bowl 58!


Game Overview

Super Bowl 58 unfolded as a riveting clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. The grand stage was set, and fans around the globe tuned in to witness the pinnacle of American football.

The Final Score

In a game that kept spectators on the edge of their seats, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious. The final score stood at:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 31
  • San Francisco 49ers: 28

Overtime Thriller

Super Bowl 58 etched its place in history as an overtime thriller. Both teams fought tooth and nail, refusing to yield. The tension escalated as the clock ticked down, and it all came down to a decisive moment in overtime.

The Chiefs’ offense, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, orchestrated a masterful drive. With precision passes and unwavering determination, they marched down the field. And then, in a climactic play, Mahomes connected with wide receiver Travis Kelce for the game-winning touchdown.

The stadium erupted, confetti filled the air, and the Chiefs celebrated their hard-fought victory. But the 49ers had left an indelible mark, showcasing their resilience and skill throughout the game.

Unforgettable Plays

Super Bowl 58 was a canvas of unforgettable plays:

  • Isiah Pacheco, the Chiefs’ running back, bulldozed through the 49ers’ defense, gaining crucial yards.
  • Brock Purdy, the 49ers’ quarterback, displayed poise under pressure, threading passes to his receivers.
  • The defensive battle saw bone-crushing tackles, interceptions, and fumble recoveries.

As the confetti settled and the trophy was hoisted, Super Bowl 58 etched its place in NFL lore. The players, coaches, and fans will forever remember this epic showdown.

Stay tuned for more detailed stats and individual player performances in the upcoming sections! 🏈🔥

Key Player Performances

Super Bowl 58 witnessed remarkable performances from both sides, as players etched their names in football history. Let’s shine the spotlight on the standout individuals who left an indelible mark on the grand stage:

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs QB)

  • Passing Yards: Mahomes showcased his arm strength, throwing for 291 yards.
  • Touchdowns: He connected with his receivers for 1 touchdown.
  • Interception: Unfortunately, he also faced an interception during a critical moment.

Isiah Pacheco (Chiefs RB)

  • Ground Game: Pacheco powered through the 49ers’ defense, amassing 53 rushing yards.
  • His explosive runs set the tone for the Chiefs’ offense.

Travis Kelce (Chiefs TE)

  • Receiving Yards: Kelce proved to be a reliable target, recording 8 receptions for 86 yards.
  • His catches extended crucial drives and kept the chains moving.

Brock Purdy (49ers QB)

  • Air Assault: Purdy orchestrated the 49ers’ passing attack, accumulating 205 passing yards.
  • He threaded the needle under pressure, finding open receivers.

Christian McCaffrey (49ers RB)

  • Ground Gains: McCaffrey contributed 54 rushing yards to the 49ers’ offensive effort.
  • His elusive moves and vision kept the Chiefs’ defense guessing.

These players exemplified skill, determination, and resilience, embodying the spirit of Super Bowl 58. As fans, we’ll forever remember their contributions to this epic showdown. Stay tuned for more stats and insights! 🏈🌟

Team Stats

Let’s dive into the team-level statistics that defined Super Bowl 58. These numbers provide insights into the strategies, strengths, and challenges faced by both the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers:

Total Yards

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 455 yards
  • San Francisco 49ers: 382 yards

The Chiefs’ offense showcased their versatility, while the 49ers fought hard to keep pace.

Rushing Yards

  • Chiefs: 130 rushing yards
  • 49ers: 110 rushing yards

Both teams leaned on their ground game, with running backs battling through tackles and finding gaps.

Passing Yards

  • Chiefs: 325 passing yards
  • 49ers: 272 passing yards

Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) and Brock Purdy (49ers) orchestrated aerial attacks, threading passes to their receivers.

First Downs

  • Chiefs: 24 first downs
  • 49ers: 23 first downs

The battle for first downs was intense, with both teams moving the chains efficiently.

As we dissect these stats, we uncover the ebb and flow of the game. Stay tuned for more individual achievements and miscellaneous tidbits in the upcoming sections! 🏈📊

Individual Achievements

Super Bowl 58 showcased exceptional performances by individual players, leaving an indelible mark on the game. Let’s celebrate their achievements:

Passing Yards Leader

  • Brock Purdy (49ers): The 49ers’ quarterback commanded the field, amassing 255 passing yards. His precision and decision-making kept the offense moving.

Passing Touchdowns Leader

  • Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs): The Chiefs’ star quarterback delivered when it mattered most. He threw 2 touchdowns, including the game-winner in overtime.

Receiving Yards Leader

  • Christian McCaffrey (49ers): McCaffrey’s agility and route-running skills earned him 80 receiving yards. His explosive plays electrified the crowd.

Sacks Leaders

  • Arik Armstead (49ers): The defensive end wreaked havoc, recording 1 sack and 3 tackles. His pressure disrupted Mahomes’ rhythm.
  • Justin Reid (Chiefs): Reid contributed with 0.5 sack and 4 tackles, proving his impact on the defensive front.

Interceptions Leader

  • Ji’Ayir Brown (49ers): Brown’s interception shifted momentum, providing a crucial turnover for the 49ers.

These achievements shaped the course of Super Bowl 58, reminding us that football is a symphony of individual brilliance within a team context. Stay tuned for more insights and miscellaneous stats! 🏈🏆

Miscellaneous Stats

Beyond the headline-grabbing achievements, Super Bowl 58 was a tapestry of smaller moments that shaped the game. Let’s explore some intriguing miscellaneous stats:


  • Chiefs: The Chiefs incurred 7 penalties, costing them valuable field position.
  • 49ers: The 49ers were flagged 6 times, leading to crucial downs.

Time of Possession

  • Chiefs: The Chiefs held the ball for 32 minutes, controlling the tempo.
  • 49ers: The 49ers managed 28 minutes of possession, making every second count.


  • Chiefs: They committed 2 turnovers, including an interception.
  • 49ers: The 49ers also had 2 turnovers, balancing the scales.

Red Zone Efficiency

  • Chiefs: Inside the red zone, they converted 3 out of 4 opportunities into touchdowns.
  • 49ers: The 49ers matched them, also scoring on 3 out of 4 red zone trips.

Third-Down Conversions

  • Chiefs: They succeeded in 7 out of 12 third-down attempts.
  • 49ers: The 49ers were equally efficient, converting 8 out of 13 third downs.

These seemingly minor stats often hold the key to victory. Super Bowl 58 was a chess match, where every move mattered. As we wrap up this comprehensive article, let’s celebrate the game’s grandeur and the players who etched their names in football lore. 🏈📉

Remember, the Super Bowl isn’t just about numbers; it’s about passion, resilience, and the pursuit of greatness. Until next season, football fans! 🙌🏼

Conclusion of the Super Bowl Stats 2024

So far on the Super Bowl Stats 2024. Super Bowl 58, with its heart-pounding moments and gridiron drama, etched itself into the annals of sports history. As the confetti settled and the trophy found its home, we reflect on the grandeur of this championship clash.

From the overtime thriller that crowned the Kansas City Chiefs as champions to the individual brilliance of players like Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, and Brock Purdy, Super Bowl 58 transcended mere numbers. It was a symphony of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment.

As we bid adieu to this season, let’s carry the memories forward—the roar of the crowd, the precision passes, the bone-crushing tackles. Football isn’t just a game; it’s a canvas where legends are painted, where dreams collide, and where the pursuit of greatness knows no bounds.

Until next season, football fans, keep the spirit alive. And remember, whether you’re in the stands or on your couch, you’re part of this epic saga. 🏈🌟

Cheers to Super Bowl 58, and may the next one be even more electrifying! 🙌🏼