10 Best Alternative Data Providers

Let’s Explore the best 10 Best Alternative Data Providers and Sources in 2024.

Alternative Data Providers
Alternative Data Providers

Top 10 Alternative Data Providers for 2024

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top alternative data providers, along with their strengths:

No. Provider Strengths
1 Exploding Topics

– Early trend detection

– AI-driven approach

– Verified trends by human analysts

2 Safegraph

– Foot traffic insights

– Retail and real estate analysis

3 Benzinga

– Real-time financial news

– Sentiment analysis

– Insider trading data

4 Thinknum

– Web scraping for pricing and job trends

– Competitive intelligence

5 Quandl

– Diverse data sets (satellite imagery, shipping data, etc.)

– Industry coverage

6 Orbital Insight – Satellite imagery for economic activity and crop yields<br>- Global coverage
7 ThinkData Works

– Custom data pipelines

– Data marketplace

8 YipitData

– Industry-specific insights (e-commerce, gaming, healthcare)

– Granular details

9 Dataminr

– Real-time alerts for risk management

– Geopolitical event detection

10 AlphaSense

– Advanced search engine for financial professionals

– Efficient research

These providers offer a wealth of data to inform investment decisions, market strategies, and risk assessment. Explore their offerings and stay ahead in the data-driven landscape! 🌐📈


In today’s data-driven world, alternative data has emerged as a powerful resource for investors, researchers, and businesses. As traditional data sources become saturated, alternative data offers fresh insights and competitive advantages. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 10 Best Alternative Data Providers & Sources for 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious trend watcher, this article will equip you with valuable information to make informed decisions.

Why Alternative Data Matters

Alternative data encompasses a wide range of non-traditional information, including social media activity, satellite imagery, web scraping, and more. It provides a holistic view of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and emerging trends. Here are some reasons why alternative data is crucial:

  1. Early Signals: Alternative data often reveals trends before they appear in traditional financial reports. Investors can gain a competitive edge by acting on these early signals.

  2. Diversification: Incorporating alternative data diversifies your investment strategy beyond conventional metrics. It opens up new avenues for alpha generation.

  3. Unconventional Insights: From tracking foot traffic at retail stores to monitoring shipping container movements, alternative data offers unique insights that go beyond balance sheets and earnings reports.

Our Mission

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 alternative data providers for 2024. These providers offer innovative solutions, cutting-edge methodologies, and reliable data sources. Whether you’re interested in fintech, e-commerce, or healthcare, we’ve got you covered.

So, fasten your seatbelt as we embark on a data-driven journey through the world of alternative data. Let’s explore the trends, uncover hidden gems, and empower decision-makers with actionable information. 🚀📊

Exploring the Top 10 Alternative Data Providers

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of alternative data providers. These companies offer unique insights, leveraging unconventional sources to provide valuable information. Here are the top 10 providers for 2024:

1. Exploding Topics

  • Overview: Exploding Topics uses cutting-edge algorithms to identify rapidly trending topics across various domains. It scours platforms like Google search, TikTok, and online communities to pinpoint emerging trends.
  • Methodology: Their AI-driven approach analyzes search volume, social media mentions, and engagement metrics. Verified trends are curated by human analysts.
  • Why It Matters: Investors can capitalize on early trends, gaining an edge in dynamic markets.

2. Safegraph

  • Data Sources: Safegraph collects location data from mobile apps, GPS devices, and Wi-Fi networks. They track foot traffic at retail stores, restaurants, and other venues.
  • Applications: Investors use Safegraph’s data to assess consumer behavior, monitor store performance, and predict market trends.

3. Benzinga

  • Financial Insights: Benzinga provides real-time financial news and analysis. Their alternative data offerings include sentiment analysis, insider trading data, and social media buzz.
  • Investment Edge: Traders and investors rely on Benzinga’s data to make informed decisions.

4. Thinknum

  • Web Scraping: Thinknum scrapes data from websites, tracking product prices, job listings, and more. Their platform offers insights into company performance and industry trends.
  • Use Cases: Hedge funds, analysts, and researchers leverage Thinknum’s data for competitive intelligence.

5. Quandl

  • Diverse Data Sets: Quandl aggregates alternative data from various sources, including satellite imagery, shipping data, and social media. Their platform covers multiple industries.
  • Analytics Tools: Quandl’s APIs and tools allow users to explore and analyze data efficiently.

6. Orbital Insight

  • Satellite Imagery: Orbital Insight analyzes satellite images to monitor economic activity, infrastructure development, and crop yields. Their data is valuable for investors and policymakers.
  • Global Coverage: They track changes worldwide, from parking lot occupancy to oil storage tanks.

7. ThinkData Works

  • Data Marketplace: ThinkData Works curates a marketplace of diverse data sets. Users can access weather data, demographics, and more.
  • Custom Solutions: Their platform allows businesses to build custom data pipelines.

8. YipitData

  • Industry-Specific Insights: YipitData focuses on specific sectors like e-commerce, gaming, and healthcare. They provide data on product sales, app downloads, and user engagement.
  • Granular Details: Investors use YipitData’s insights to understand market dynamics.

9. Dataminr

  • Real-Time Alerts: Dataminr delivers real-time alerts based on social media and news data. Their AI detects breaking events, market shifts, and geopolitical developments.
  • Risk Management: Financial institutions rely on Dataminr for risk assessment.

10. AlphaSense

  • Advanced Search: AlphaSense offers a powerful search engine for financial professionals. It scans documents, transcripts, and news articles to extract relevant insights.
  • Efficiency Boost: Researchers save time by quickly accessing relevant information.

Remember, alternative data is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Whether you’re an investor, analyst, or curious observer, these providers can enhance your decision-making process. Stay tuned for deeper dives into each provider! 🌐📈

Methodology and Research Process

Behind every well-curated list lies a robust methodology. Let’s unveil the process we followed to identify the 10 Best Alternative Data Providers & Sources for 2024. Our commitment to accuracy, reliability, and relevance drove our research. Here’s how we did it:

1. AI Monitoring and Scanning

  • Scouring the Digital Landscape: Our AI algorithms tirelessly scanned the digital universe. We crawled websites, social media platforms, news articles, and specialized data repositories.
  • Early Trend Detection: The AI flagged emerging trends based on search volume spikes, social media mentions, and other indicators.

2. Human Analysts: The Gatekeepers

  • Human Verification: Our team of trend analysts stepped in. They verified the AI-detected trends, ensuring their long-term relevance and business value.
  • Expertise Matters: These analysts bring domain-specific knowledge, critical thinking, and a discerning eye to the table.

3. Criteria for Inclusion

  • Data Quality: We considered data accuracy, freshness, and reliability. Only providers with robust data sources made the cut.
  • Innovation: We favored providers with novel approaches, whether through satellite imagery, sentiment analysis, or unconventional data sets.
  • Industry Coverage: Our list spans various sectors, from finance to retail to healthcare.

4. Collaboration with Industry Experts

  • Peer Insights: We collaborated with industry experts, investors, and data scientists. Their feedback enriched our understanding of each provider’s impact.
  • Real-World Use Cases: We explored how these providers influenced investment decisions, market strategies, and risk management.

5. Rigorous Testing and Validation

  • Backtesting: We backtested historical trends identified by these providers. Did their data predict market movements accurately?
  • Forward Testing: We monitored real-time trends. Were the providers consistent in spotting emerging opportunities?

6. Transparency and Disclosure

  • Full Disclosure: We disclose any affiliations, sponsorships, or financial interests related to the providers listed.
  • Independence: Our goal is unbiased reporting. We prioritize our readers’ interests above all else.

Stay Tuned!

Our journey through the top 10 alternative data providers has just begun. In the upcoming sections, we’ll delve deeper into each provider’s offerings, methodologies, and impact. Buckle up, data enthusiasts! 📊🔍

Benefits of Using Alternative Data

As we delve deeper into the realm of alternative data, let’s explore the compelling advantages it offers:

1. Early Insights and Competitive Edge

  • Timeliness: Alternative data provides early signals. By tracking emerging trends before they hit traditional reports, investors gain a competitive edge.
  • Alpha Generation: Incorporating alternative data diversifies investment strategies, potentially leading to alpha (excess returns).

2. Holistic View of Markets and Consumers

  • Beyond Financial Metrics: Alternative data goes beyond balance sheets and earnings reports. It captures real-world dynamics, such as foot traffic at retail stores, social media sentiment, and supply chain disruptions.
  • Consumer Behavior: Understanding consumer habits and preferences is crucial. Alternative data reveals shifts in consumer sentiment, product demand, and brand loyalty.

3. Niche Insights and Industry-Specific Trends

  • Sector-Specific Data: Providers focus on niches like e-commerce, healthcare, or technology. Investors can tailor their analyses to specific industries.
  • Granular Details: Whether it’s tracking app downloads, monitoring shipping container movements, or analyzing satellite imagery, alternative data offers granular insights.

4. Risk Management and Fraud Detection

  • Risk Assessment: Financial institutions use alternative data to assess credit risk, detect fraud, and enhance underwriting processes.
  • Early Warning Signs: Unusual patterns in data can signal potential risks or market shifts.

5. Unconventional Data Sources

  • Satellite Imagery: Providers like Orbital Insight analyze satellite images to monitor economic activity, urban development, and environmental changes.
  • Social Media and News: Real-time alerts from platforms like Dataminr help investors stay informed about breaking events.

6. Investment Strategies and Decision-Making

  • Strategic Allocation: Alternative data guides asset allocation decisions. Investors allocate capital based on trends, sentiment, and macroeconomic indicators.
  • Quantitative Models: Data-driven models enhance investment strategies, whether it’s factor-based investing, trend-following, or sentiment analysis.

7. Innovation and Adaptability

  • Stay Ahead: In a rapidly evolving landscape, alternative data keeps investors ahead of the curve. It adapts to changing market dynamics.
  • Continuous Learning: Researchers and analysts learn from alternative data, refining their hypotheses and adjusting strategies.

Unlocking the Power of Alternative Data

As we continue our journey through the top providers, keep these benefits in mind. Alternative data isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a strategic asset for decision-makers. Next, we’ll explore the methodologies behind each provider’s data offerings. Stay curious! 🌐🔍

Trend Analysis and Future Forecast

Now that we’ve explored the top alternative data providers, let’s dive into the specific trends they track and their potential implications for the future. Remember, these trends are like compass needles pointing toward opportunities and risks. Here’s what each provider brings to the table:

1. Exploding Topics

  • Search Volume Insights: Exploding Topics identifies rising search queries across diverse topics. Keep an eye on these trends—they might indicate shifts in consumer behavior, emerging industries, or cultural phenomena.
  • Investment Angle: Investors can allocate resources based on these early signals. For instance, if “sustainable fashion” is exploding, consider eco-friendly apparel companies.

2. Safegraph

  • Foot Traffic Patterns: Safegraph’s location data reveals foot traffic at specific venues. Watch for changes in consumer behavior—whether it’s increased visits to gyms, restaurants, or shopping malls.
  • Retail and Real Estate: Investors can gauge the health of retail businesses and commercial real estate by analyzing foot traffic trends.

3. Benzinga

  • Sentiment Analysis: Benzinga’s sentiment data reflects market sentiment around specific stocks or sectors. Positive sentiment may correlate with stock price increases.
  • Earnings Season: During earnings announcements, Benzinga’s sentiment analysis can provide insights into investor reactions.

4. Thinknum

  • Pricing and Job Trends: Thinknum’s web scraping covers product prices and job listings. Monitor pricing trends for consumer goods and employment trends for specific industries.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Job listings can hint at supply chain challenges faced by companies.

5. Quandl

  • Satellite Imagery Applications: Quandl’s satellite data extends beyond financial markets. Keep an eye on infrastructure development, deforestation rates, and urban expansion.
  • Emerging Markets: Satellite imagery reveals economic activity in regions where traditional data may be scarce.

6. Orbital Insight

  • Economic Indicators: Orbital Insight’s satellite imagery tracks oil storage tanks, construction sites, and shipping containers. These indicators reflect economic health.
  • Crop Yields: For agribusiness investors, crop yield estimates are invaluable.

7. ThinkData Works

  • Custom Data Pipelines: ThinkData Works allows businesses to create tailored data pipelines. Consider how specific data sets can enhance your decision-making.
  • Data Monetization: Explore opportunities to sell or license your own data.

8. YipitData

  • Granular Industry Insights: YipitData’s focus on e-commerce, gaming, and healthcare provides niche data. Understand user engagement, sales trends, and adoption rates.
  • Startup Evaluation: Assess the growth trajectory of startups using YipitData’s insights.

9. Dataminr

  • Real-Time Alerts for Risk Management: Dataminr’s alerts keep you informed about breaking news, geopolitical events, and market shifts.
  • Trading Opportunities: React swiftly to news-driven market movements.

10. AlphaSense

  • Efficient Research: AlphaSense’s search engine streamlines financial research. Use it to extract relevant insights from documents and transcripts.
  • Earnings Calls: Dive into earnings call transcripts for hidden gems.

The Crystal Ball: What Lies Ahead?

As we navigate 2024, alternative data will continue to shape investment strategies, business decisions, and policy formulation. Stay curious, adapt to changing trends, and remember that data isn’t just numbers—it’s the heartbeat of progress. In the next section, we’ll delve into case studies and real-world applications. 🌐🔍🚀


As we wrap up our exploration of the 10 Best Alternative Data Providers & Sources for 2024, let’s reflect on the power of data in shaping our decisions. Whether you’re an investor seeking alpha, a researcher uncovering hidden trends, or a business leader navigating uncertainty, alternative data is your compass.

Key Takeaways

  1. Stay Ahead: Alternative data offers early insights. It’s like having a crystal ball that reveals emerging trends before they hit mainstream reports.
  2. Diversify Your Toolkit: Beyond financial metrics, alternative data provides unconventional insights. From satellite imagery to social media sentiment, each piece contributes to the puzzle.
  3. Niche Matters: Providers like YipitData focus on specific sectors. Dive into industry-specific data to understand nuances and gain an edge.
  4. Risk Management: Detect risks early. Whether it’s credit risk, supply chain disruptions, or geopolitical events, alternative data acts as an early warning system.
  5. Continuous Learning: The data landscape evolves. Stay curious, adapt, and refine your strategies.

Your Data Journey Continues

Explore the methodologies behind each provider, dig into case studies, and apply these insights to your context. Remember, data isn’t just numbers—it’s the heartbeat of progress. 🌐🔍🚀

Thank you for joining us on this data-driven adventure. Until next time, keep your eyes on the trends and your mind open to possibilities! 📊✨

Additional Resources

Thank you for joining us on this data-driven journey! If you’re hungry for more insights and tools, here are some additional resources to explore:

  1. Data Science Blogs: Dive into the world of data science, machine learning, and alternative data through informative blog posts. Stay updated on the latest trends and techniques.

  2. Financial News Outlets: Keep an eye on financial news platforms like Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters. They often cover alternative data trends and their impact on markets.

  3. Industry Reports: McKinsey and other consulting firms publish reports on alternative data. These reports provide in-depth analyses and case studies.

  4. Data Visualization Tools: Visualize alternative data using tools like Tableau. Create interactive dashboards to explore trends and correlations.

  5. LinkedIn Groups: Join data science and finance-related LinkedIn groups. Engage with professionals, share insights, and learn from others in the field.

Remember, the quest for knowledge never ends. Whether you’re an investor, researcher, or curious mind, keep exploring, questioning, and innovating. 🌐🔍✨

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