10 Best AI SEO Tools in 2024

Let’s discuss the Best AI SEO Tools in 2024

best ai seo tools
using ai in seo

AI SEO Tools:

SEO has never been easier. Using AI SEO tools has made it very easy for even SEO beginners to navigate the complex and ever-changing SEO rules in the SEO world.

using AI SEO tools is more critical than ever for businesses and marketers that strive to improve their online visibility, attract organic traffic, and rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Below are the 10 Best AI SEO Tools in 2024.


1. Overview:

  • Focus Area: Enhancing existing content, conducting topic research
  • Key Features: Topic exploration, automated content creation, SEO enhancement, analytics insights
  • Price Range: $14.99 to $114.99 per month, also known simply as Frase, stands out as an intelligent SEO automation platform emphasizing discovery, optimization, and analytics. Its discovery capabilities assist in uncovering crucial topics relevant to your business or product.

Utilizing insights from competitor content, Frase generates SEO-optimized content briefs. It facilitates rapid, SEO-friendly content creation by employing integrated AI to auto-complete sentences, generate content in various styles, and improve the quality of existing content through paraphrasing and rewriting functions.

Frase’s optimization component offers a text editor with a topic model that evaluates your content against competitors’ before suggesting enhancements. Moreover, its analytics dashboard utilizes Google Search Console data to identify prime content opportunities, enabling you to boost keyword rankings, backlinks, and other SEO metrics.

2. Scalenut

Scalenut Overview:

  • Focus Area: Content creation and SEO refinement
  • Key Features: Keyword planning, NLP-driven topic research, optimized content generation, and publishing
  • Price Range: $39 to $149 per month (based on usage)
    Scalenut, an AI-powered platform for SEO and content marketing, boasts an efficient approach to content creation.

By combining essential features like keyword planning and NLP-based topic research, Scalenut aims to contribute to a significant increase in organic traffic. The platform’s AI-powered content generation tools produce optimized copy aligned with identified keywords, ready for direct publication. These end-to-end capabilities facilitate the creation of substantial volumes of high-quality content tailored to specific SEO requirements, distributed seamlessly across digital marketing channels.

3. Diib

Diib Overview:

  • Focus Area: Website analytics and traffic monitoring
  • Key Features: Website analysis, diagnostic tools, personalized growth strategies
  • Price: $44.99 per month, with a limited free version available
    Diib primarily focuses on website analytics, offering crucial functions including Google Analytics integration, advanced predictive AI SEO analysis, diagnostic tools, and personalized growth plans.

By scanning your website, Diib pinpoints areas for SEO enhancement such as site speed, security, and user experience. It translates this data into actionable insights, guiding your SEO efforts and monitoring progress through impact and reporting dashboards. Additionally, Diib’s extensive library provides resources including articles, videos, white papers, and eBooks to support your SEO marketing endeavors.

4. Alli AI

Alli AI Overview:

  • Focus Area: Website optimization
  • Key Features: Automated keyword research, rank tracking, backlink building
  • Price Range: $350 to $1,280 per month (depending on user count)
    Alli AI targets larger businesses with its centralized dashboard automating tasks like keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink building. It also offers in-depth website audits to identify overlooked areas and assess Google search rankings for strategic insights.

The platform’s SEO AI algorithm prioritizes keywords with high ROI and tracks local optimization efforts. Integrating with most content management systems, Alli AI’s onboarding wizard ensures effective utilization of the tool for managing SEO campaigns.

5. Surfer

Surfer Overview:

  • Focus Area: Organic traffic enhancement
  • Key Features: SEO AI content editor, keyword research, auditing
  • Price Range: $69 to $250 per month
    Surfer, a cloud-based on-page SEO AI optimization tool, specializes in enhancing organic traffic through robust keyword research, auditing, and AI-powered content generation.

By analyzing your website and comparing it to top-ranking pages, Surfer identifies missing elements and areas for improvement. Its on-page SEO metrics scrutiny includes main and sub-keywords, meta tags, media elements, incoming backlinks, and word count. Surfer’s standout feature is its finely tuned SEO AI content editor, which produces optimized content based on top-ranking results.

6. NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter Overview:

  • Focus Area: SEO optimization and content creation
  • Key Features: AI-powered content generation, competitor analysis, multi-language support
  • Price Range: $19 to $97 per month (yearly subscription only)
    NeuronWriter gained popularity swiftly after its 2019 launch due to its innovative features and user-friendly interface. It conducts detailed competitor analysis and crafts compelling, high-performance content using natural language processing.

By evaluating on-page and off-page SEO metrics, including content score, language, word count, and readability, NeuronWriter suggests relevant keywords and generates fresh content based on user prompts. Notably, it supports multiple large language models, catering to diverse linguistic needs across more than 170 languages.

7. Jasper

Jasper Overview:

  • Focus Area: Content Assistance
  • Key Features: Integrated marketing campaigns, blog writing, copywriting, SEO, content strategy, social media marketing
  • Price Range: $39 to $125 per month, with a limited free trial
    Jasper focuses on content creation, offering valuable support for marketers seeking to streamline copywriting and enhance website performance. It aids in delivering consistent marketing campaigns and refining blog writing with persuasive copy.

Jasper’s capabilities extend to optimizing existing website SEO, with its strength lying in its templates that simplify content creation. While it employs a volume-based pricing model, potentially resulting in higher costs for prolific content producers, its features can significantly ease content creation and marketing tasks.

8. Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights Overview:

  • Focus Area: Keyword research
  • Key Features: Keyword discovery, clustering, AI-content creation
  • Price Range: $58 to $299 per month, with a 4-day trial available for $1
    Keyword Insights excels in keyword research, content planning, and optimization, offering features to support various phases of the SEO process. Its toolkit includes keyword discovery, clustering, and AI-driven content creation modules.

The platform stands out for its commitment to customer support, offering regular live demonstrations, onboarding assistance, and access to expert customer support. This approach ensures users can maximize the platform’s potential and optimize their SEO strategies effectively.

9. WriterZen

WriterZen Overview:

  • Focus Area: Keyword research and copywriting
  • Key Features: Keyword research and clustering, topic discovery, competitor analysis, plagiarism checker
  • Price Range: $19 to $99 per month
    WriterZen is a comprehensive toolkit designed for keyword research and content production, offering features tailored to digital marketing content creators. Its explorer and clustering features leverage Google’s keyword database to identify high-ranking keywords quickly.

Using NLP analysis on top competitor websites, WriterZen facilitates the creation of competitive content with optimized headings, layouts, and structural elements. While some users have raised concerns about the user interface, WriterZen receives largely positive feedback for its effectiveness in supporting SEO endeavors.

10. Overview:

  • Focus Area: Various aspects of SEO
  • Key Features: Article writing, paraphrasing, readability, image generation, AI detection software bypassing
  • Price Range: $15 to $69 per month, depending on the plan offers a range of useful SEO features, including an AI-powered article writer, paraphrasing tool, readability improver, and image generator. Its functionalities extend beyond written content to ensure all content types are optimized for search engines and unique enough to bypass AI detection software.

While Aiseo’s customer support could be more comprehensive, its intuitive platform and limited guides help users stay updated on new features and tips for utilizing the platform effectively.


In conclusion, the top 10 AI SEO tools highlighted in this article offer comprehensive platforms for businesses of all sizes to manage their SEO effectively. Before making a decision, it’s essential to explore each tool in detail, compare features against specific needs, and consider factors such as pricing, user experience, and customer support. Additionally, leveraging free trials or demos and reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the suitability of each tool for your SEO requirements.


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