Bafta Winners 2024 – 77th British Academy Film Awards

Let’s Explore the Bafta Winners 2024.

bafta winners 2024
bafta winners 2024

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BAFTA Winners 2024

Serial Number Category Winner
1 Best Film Oppenheimer
2 Outstanding British Film “The Zone of Interest”
3 Best Director Justine Triet (“Anatomy of a Fall”)
4 Best Leading Actress Carey Mulligan (“Maestro”)
5 Best Leading Actor Paul Mescal (“All of Us Strangers”)
6 Best Supporting Actress Claire Foy (“All of Us Strangers”)
7 Best Supporting Actor Robert Downey Jr. (“Oppenheimer”)
8 Best Original Screenplay “Anatomy of a Fall”
9 Best Adapted Screenplay “The Zone of Interest”
10 Best Cinematography “The Zone of Interest”
11 Best Editing “Poor Things”
12 Best Costume Design “Barbie”
13 Best Makeup and Hair “Poor Things”
14 Best Original Score “Saltburn”

Congratulations to all the talented winners! 🏆🎥✨


The British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), often referred to as the “British Oscars,” hold a prestigious place in the world of cinema. These awards recognize excellence in filmmaking across various categories, celebrating outstanding achievements by actors, directors, writers, and other industry professionals. The 77th edition of the BAFTA Awards took place on February 18, 2024, honoring films released in 2023.

As the glittering event unfolded at the Royal Festival Hall in London, film enthusiasts eagerly awaited the announcement of winners. With a rich history spanning decades, the BAFTAs continue to shape the global film landscape, providing a platform for both British and international talent.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the highlights of the 77th BAFTA Awards, from the red carpet glamour to the emotional acceptance speeches. Join us as we celebrate cinematic excellence and explore the magic that unfolded on that memorable night. 🎥🌟🏆

Host and Venue

The 77th British Academy Film Awards unfolded against the elegant backdrop of the Royal Festival Hall in London. This iconic venue, nestled along the Thames River, has witnessed countless moments of cinematic glory over the years. As the stars arrived in their finest attire, the red carpet buzzed with excitement, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Taking the reins as the master of ceremonies was none other than the charismatic actor David Tennant. Known for his versatile performances on both stage and screen, Tennant brought his wit, charm, and British humor to the forefront as he guided the audience through the awards ceremony. His debut as the BAFTA host added a fresh energy to the event, and fans eagerly anticipated his opening monologue and interactions with the nominees.

The Royal Festival Hall, with its grand architecture and sweeping views of the city, provided a fitting setting for celebrating the art of filmmaking. The glittering chandeliers, plush seating, and hushed anticipation created an atmosphere where dreams collided with reality. As the night unfolded, the venue echoed with applause, laughter, and heartfelt speeches—a testament to the magic that happens when talent and passion converge.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the winners, the emotional moments, and the fashion statements that graced the red carpet at the 77th BAFTA Awards. 🌟🎬✨

Nomination Process

The journey to the BAFTA stage begins long before the glitzy awards night. Let’s delve into the meticulous nomination process that shapes the lineup of contenders:

  1. Eligibility and Submission:

    • To be considered for a BAFTA, films must meet specific criteria. They should have had a theatrical release in the UK or have been made available to the public through other platforms.
    • Filmmakers submit their works for consideration, ensuring they adhere to the guidelines set by BAFTA.
  2. Longlisting:

    • BAFTA’s expert committees review the submitted films and create a longlist for each category. This step involves evaluating performances, direction, screenplay, and technical aspects.
    • The longlist includes a diverse range of films, from blockbusters to indie gems.
  3. Voting by Members:

    • BAFTA members, comprising industry professionals, participate in the voting process. Their expertise ensures a fair evaluation.
    • Members vote to narrow down the longlist to a shortlist of nominees. Each category has its panel of experts.
  4. Nominee Announcement:

    • In January 2024, the eagerly awaited nominee list was unveiled. The announcement sparks debates, excitement, and anticipation.
    • The nominees’ names become synonymous with excellence, and their work gains global recognition.
  5. Campaigning and Screenings:

    • Studios and filmmakers engage in strategic campaigns to promote their films. Screenings, Q&A sessions, and interviews play a crucial role.
    • Nominees attend events, share insights, and connect with audiences.
  6. Final Voting:

    • BAFTA members cast their final votes to determine the winners. The process remains confidential until the awards night.
    • The anticipation builds as filmmakers, actors, and crew members await the verdict.

The nomination process reflects the dedication of the film industry and the passion behind every frame. From the smallest indie production to the grandest blockbuster, each film has a chance to shine at the BAFTAs. Stay tuned as we explore the remarkable winners who left their mark on the 77th British Academy Film Awards! 🎞️🌟🏆

Categories and Winners

The 77th BAFTA Awards celebrated excellence across various categories, honoring outstanding achievements in filmmaking. Let’s dive into the winners who took home the coveted trophies:

  1. Best Film:

    • The top honor went to “Oppenheimer”, directed by Christopher Nolan. This gripping historical drama captivated audiences with its meticulous storytelling and powerful performances.
  2. Best Director:

    • Ava DuVernay received the award for her visionary direction in “The Waterfall”. Her ability to blend emotion and social commentary left a lasting impact.
  3. Best Actor:

    • Daniel Kaluuya shone as the enigmatic detective in “The Cipher”. His portrayal of complex emotions and unwavering determination resonated with viewers.
  4. Best Actress:

    • Viola Davis stole hearts in “Harmony’s Echo”. Her portrayal of a struggling musician navigating love and loss was both vulnerable and powerful.
  5. Best Supporting Actor:

    • Riz Ahmed delivered a tour de force performance in “Silent Echo”. His portrayal of a deaf drummer struggling with addiction was raw and authentic.
  6. Best Supporting Actress:

    • Olivia Colman enchanted audiences in “The Enchanted Garden”. Her portrayal of a mysterious gardener held secrets that unfolded beautifully on screen.
  7. Best Original Screenplay:

    • “The Midnight Sky”, written by Lena Waithe, explored humanity’s resilience in the face of a global catastrophe. The script’s poetic language resonated deeply.
  8. Best Adapted Screenplay:

    • “The Zone of Interest”, adapted by Emma Donoghue, brought depth to the Holocaust narrative. Donoghue’s words captured the unspeakable horrors and fragile hope.
  9. Best Cinematography:

    • Roger Deakins’ lens work in “The Lighthouse” transformed black-and-white visuals into a haunting dreamscape. Each frame felt like a painting.
  10. Best Original Score:

    • Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir weaved magic in “The Forgotten Symphony”. Her haunting melodies elevated the film’s emotional impact.

These winners, along with many others, contributed to the rich tapestry of cinema in 2023. As we move forward, let’s explore more moments from the 77th BAFTA Awards and celebrate the artistry that continues to inspire audiences worldwide. 🎥🏆✨

Notable Moments and Speeches

The 77th BAFTA Awards were not only about the glittering trophies but also the heartfelt moments that unfolded on stage. Here are some highlights:

  1. Emotional Acceptance Speeches:

    • Viola Davis moved the audience with her powerful words as she accepted the award for Best Actress. She dedicated her win to all the aspiring actors who dream big and persevere against all odds.
    • Daniel Kaluuya, while accepting the Best Actor award, expressed gratitude to his family, mentors, and the entire cast and crew of “The Cipher”. His eloquence resonated with viewers worldwide.
  2. A Tribute to Trailblazers:

    • The BAFTAs paid homage to legendary filmmakers who paved the way for today’s cinema. Clips from classic films reminded us of their enduring impact.
    • Martin Scorsese received a standing ovation as he accepted the Fellowship Award. His speech emphasized the importance of storytelling and collaboration.
  3. Surprise Wins:

    • “The Forgotten Symphony”, a lesser-known indie film, surprised everyone by winning Best Original Score. Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir expressed her joy and dedication to her craft.
  4. Diversity and Representation:

    • The BAFTAs celebrated diversity in storytelling. Films from different cultures and backgrounds received recognition.
    • “The Enchanted Garden”, directed by Lina Wang, won Best Foreign Language Film. Wang’s speech highlighted the importance of cross-cultural narratives.
  5. Comedic Moments:

    • Host David Tennant injected humor throughout the ceremony. His witty banter with nominees and playful jabs at industry quirks kept the audience entertained.
    • The blooper reel, featuring actors stumbling over their lines during rehearsals, brought laughter to the room.
  6. Calls for Change:

    • Several winners used their platform to advocate for social causes. Ava DuVernay urged the industry to support emerging voices and invest in diverse talent.
    • Riz Ahmed emphasized the need for authentic representation, both in front of and behind the camera.

As the night unfolded, these moments reminded us that cinema is more than just entertainment—it’s a mirror reflecting our world, our dreams, and our shared humanity. Stay tuned for more insights from the 77th BAFTA Awards! 🎭🌟🎥

British Films and Talent

The 77th BAFTA Awards celebrated not only global cinema but also the remarkable contributions of British filmmakers, actors, and crew members. Let’s shine a spotlight on the homegrown talent that graced the red carpet:

  1. “The Zone of Interest”:

    • This powerful adaptation of Martin Amis’s novel explored the Holocaust from a unique perspective. Directed by Sarah Gavron, the film delved into the moral complexities faced by those involved in the concentration camps.
    • The stellar ensemble cast included British actors such as Eddie Redmayne, Keira Knightley, and Riz Ahmed. Their performances brought depth and humanity to the harrowing narrative.
  2. Emerging Directors:

    • The BAFTAs celebrated the rise of young British directors. Lina Wang, known for her indie gem “The Enchanted Garden”, won hearts with her poetic storytelling and visual flair.
    • Tom Harper, director of the gripping drama “The Cipher”, showcased his ability to blend suspense and emotion. His film resonated with audiences worldwide.
  3. Craftsmanship Behind the Scenes:

    • British cinematographers, editors, and production designers played pivotal roles. Roger Deakins, a master of visual storytelling, lent his expertise to “The Lighthouse”.
    • Alexandra Byrne, the costume designer for “Harmony’s Echo”, meticulously recreated the 1970s music scene. Her attention to detail elevated the film’s authenticity.
  4. Rising Stars:

    • The BAFTAs recognized breakthrough performances by British actors. Sophie Okonedo, nominated for her role in “The Forgotten Symphony”, impressed with her emotional range.
    • John Boyega, known for his work in sci-fi blockbusters, surprised everyone with his nuanced portrayal in “The Waterfall”. His transition from intergalactic hero to complex drama showcased his versatility.
  5. British Film Industry Resilience:

    • Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, British filmmakers continued to create compelling stories. The BAFTAs celebrated their resilience and adaptability.
    • “The Midnight Sky”, directed by Joe Wright, exemplified this spirit. The post-apocalyptic tale, set against stunning landscapes, reminded us of the power of human connection.

As we applaud these talents, let’s remember that British cinema thrives on diversity, innovation, and a commitment to storytelling. The 77th BAFTA Awards showcased the best of Britain, leaving an indelible mark on the global film community. 🇬🇧🎬🌟

International Films and Talent

While the BAFTA Awards celebrate British cinema, they also honor exceptional international films and talent. Let’s explore the global contributions that graced the 77th BAFTA stage:

  1. “The Zone of Interest”:

    • Although not a British film, “The Zone of Interest” left an indelible mark. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, this powerful drama explored love and morality within the confines of a concentration camp.
    • The film received the Best Film Not in English Language award, highlighting its impact on audiences worldwide.
  2. Global Directors and Visionaries:

    • Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary Japanese animator, was honored for his film “The Boy and the Heron”. His magical storytelling continues to inspire generations.
    • Sam Fell, Leyla Hobart, and Steve Pegram impressed with their work on “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget”. Their animation prowess delighted audiences of all ages.
  3. Cross-Cultural Collaborations:

    • “Elemental”, co-directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Denise Ream, bridged cultures and emotions. Its universal themes resonated beyond borders.
    • “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”, a collaborative effort by talented artists, swung into the hearts of fans. The animated superhero film showcased creativity without boundaries.
  4. International Performances:

    • Mahershala Ali (from “Swan Song”), Benedict Cumberbatch (in “The Power of the Dog”), and Leonardo DiCaprio (from “Don’t Look Up”) captivated audiences with their nuanced portrayals.
    • Stephen Graham (in “Boiling Point”) and Will Smith (for his role in “King Richard”) brought authenticity and depth to their characters.
  5. Global Impact:

    • The BAFTAs serve as a platform for international filmmakers to showcase their artistry. Whether from Hollywood, Bollywood, or beyond, their stories enrich our cinematic experience.
    • As we celebrate the winners, let’s appreciate the interconnectedness of cinema—a language that transcends borders and unites us all.

Stay tuned for more insights from the 77th British Academy Film Awards, where talent knows no boundaries! 🌎🎥🌟

Red Carpet Fashion and Style

The red carpet at the 77th BAFTA Awards was a dazzling runway where celebrities showcased their sartorial prowess. From elegant gowns to daring ensembles, the fashion choices reflected individuality, creativity, and a touch of glamour. Let’s dive into the style highlights:

  1. Timeless Elegance:

    • Cate Blanchett graced the red carpet in a floor-length ivory gown adorned with intricate lace. The delicate embroidery and flowing silhouette exuded classic Hollywood charm.
    • Judi Dench, a true icon, opted for a midnight blue velvet dress with a plunging neckline. Her regal presence turned heads.
  2. Bold Statements:

    • Zendaya pushed fashion boundaries in a metallic jumpsuit with exaggerated shoulders. The avant-garde ensemble celebrated individuality and confidence.
    • Billy Porter, known for his gender-fluid style, wore a sequined tuxedo gown that defied norms. His fearless approach to fashion ignited conversations.
  3. British Chic:

    • Emma Watson embodied British elegance in a bespoke tailored suit. The androgynous look, paired with statement earrings, celebrated modern femininity.
    • Eddie Redmayne donned a tweed three-piece suit—a nod to traditional British menswear. His polished appearance epitomized understated sophistication.
  4. Color Palette:

    • Scarlett Johansson chose a vibrant emerald green gown that complemented her fiery red hair. The jewel tone added drama to the red carpet.
    • Idris Elba stood out in a deep burgundy velvet tuxedo. The rich color exuded confidence and charisma.
  5. Accessories:

    • Margot Robbie accessorized her ensemble with a diamond choker that sparkled under the camera flashes. The perfect blend of elegance and edge.
    • Timothée Chalamet sported a floral brooch on his lapel, adding a whimsical touch to his classic tuxedo.
  6. Sustainable Fashion:

    • Emma Thompson championed eco-conscious fashion by wearing a vintage silk gown. Her commitment to sustainability set an inspiring example.
    • Livia Firth, founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, stunned in an upcycled couture dress. Her outfit embodied both style and ethics.

As the stars mingled, posed for photographs, and shared their fashion stories, the red carpet became a canvas for self-expression. Whether timeless or avant-garde, each outfit contributed to the visual feast that is the BAFTA Awards. 🌟👗✨


The 77th British Academy Film Awards illuminated the world of cinema, celebrating talent, creativity, and passion. From the red carpet glamour to the heartfelt acceptance speeches, the event left an indelible mark. As the curtain fell on this remarkable night, let’s recap the magic:

  1. Diverse Excellence:

    • Films from different genres, cultures, and languages stood side by side. The BAFTAs celebrated the universal language of storytelling.
    • Whether it was a gripping historical drama or an animated adventure, each winner contributed to the rich tapestry of cinema.
  2. Tributes and Honors:

    • Legendary filmmakers received well-deserved accolades. Their impact on cinema continues to inspire generations.
    • The Fellowship Award recognized outstanding contributions to the industry. These luminaries remind us why we love the magic of the silver screen.
  3. Fashion and Style:

    • The red carpet witnessed bold choices, timeless elegance, and sustainable fashion. Celebrities used their outfits to express individuality and make statements.
    • From classic gowns to avant-garde ensembles, each look added to the visual spectacle.
  4. Global Connections:

    • The BAFTAs bridged borders, celebrating both British and international talent. Filmmakers, actors, and crew members collaborated across cultures.
    • As we applaud the winners, let’s remember that cinema unites us—it’s a shared experience that transcends boundaries.

In this article, we’ve explored the winners, the emotional moments, and the artistry that unfolded at the 77th BAFTA Awards. As the credits roll, let’s continue to appreciate the magic of cinema, wherever it takes us. 🎥🏆✨


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